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Dr. Ogujobi Immobilien


My name is Isaac AdedejiOgunjobi  residentsince 1984 in Nackenheim Mainz &Frankfurt suburb Germany .

I am a graduate degree holder in Building constructionEngineering, Dr. in Macro and Micro Economy.
At the early age of my life I want to be Engineer. Firstly   I attended Trade School   in Offenbach Germany,obtained my City & Guildsin Plumbing & Gas installation, pursued  my education in the UK and obtained   my   F.T.C,Building Engineering, and Dr. degrees in Micro and Macro Economy.

Severalyears I worked for a company called Rasselstein in Neuwied as General Foreman.   Idid my Industrial Engineering training witha company called Ditandy in Koblenz in Germany .

I n1983, I was employed by the American Government in Darmstadt ,later I becamethe chief of Technical engineering and Facility inspection Branch.

I n1988, I registered my company by the local districtcouncil Bodenheim as Developer and Realtor.

Ilectured occasionally Building Technology, MaterialScience, Mathematic, Macro and Micro Economy at various colleges andUniversities in the U.K.  

My hobbies are Tennis andFootball (I am member of ArsenalClub since 1977 of course also Mainz 05).

Dr. Ogujobi Immobillien
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